Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Is Amazon's 30%-off a good bargain?

[David Gaughran: "We can get a 70% cut through selling on Amazon, or even more through our own websites."]

Am I missing something?

Amazon offers self-publishers a place in their servercloud and deducts (abziehen) 30 %. That's what it does for them. Amazon is a hoster like Rapidshare or Megupload - nothing else.

You might argue it's better to be a raindrop than a dust-to-dust (staub-zu-staub). When it rains you are with it. Yes. But waiting for the rain, isn't that Web 1.0 publishing? Can't you get a better bargain (Geschäft) for your little darling?

As Amazon doesn't do any promotion for you why not go directly to the place where you (or your agent) do promotion. We are in Web 2.0! The places to be are Facebook, Google+, blogs and websites. The one thing Web 2.0 Players didn't do was cashing in (einziehen) your money. That's what they didn't do - up to now!

Am I missing something?

For me a 30% off sounds like a 30% off!